How to Shoot a Hockey Puck

Put your dominant hand on the top of the stick and your non-dominant hand about halfway down the shaft or a foot below your dominant hand. This will help give you proper control and power.

The position of your fingers on the stick is not as important. Choose what is comfortable for you. Some people find that having you pinky hanging off the edge helps to increase movement and rotation on the dominant hand’s wrist.

Your knees should be bent in an athletic stance and your body should be positioned at a 45 degree angle in relation to the net or wherever you are shooting.

For the wrist shot, the puck should be positioned at your back foot. This will allow you to have more leverage and thus more power.Do not put the puck so far back that it is uncomfortable. Try to get the puck as close to your back foot while still being in a comfortable position

Sweep the puck forward while transferring your weight toward your front foot and rotating your body forward. Your hips and shoulders should turn toward your target.The rotation should be a quick turn but not so quick that it hurts your back or makes your shot unstable.

After the puck is released, follow through by pointing the toe of your stick toward the target. The height of the shot depends on how much you rotate your wrists and how high your follow-through is.In order to shoot accurately, you must follow through correctly. After the shot, point the blade of the stick and angle your hips and shoulders to where you want the shot to go.

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